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Saturday, September 23, 2023
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  1. Adjective

    That is inactive or ineligible to win the pot, either because it was fouled or folded.

    EXAMPLE: "The dealer accidentally dealt me in even though I had just joined the table and was waiting for the big blind before joining the game, so my hand was just declared dead. The dealer put the cards in the muck and just continued the hand from there."

    APPLIES TO: Online and Land-based Venues

    USAGE: Describes a hand.

  2. Adjective

    That has no remaining outs; that retains a stake in the pot but that is weak with no possibility of improving enough to win on the showdown.

    EXAMPLE: "I had an open-ended straight draw. It turns out my hand was dead on the turn, when my opponent completed a flush."

    APPLIES TO: Online and Land-based Venues

    USAGE: Describes a hand when there are cards remaining to be dealt or drawn.

  3. Adjective

    That do not remain in the deck; that have been fouled, have been folded, or are held by opponents.

    EXAMPLE: "We were playing 7-card stud. I needed a heart to complete my flush, but there were already three dead hearts on the board beyond the four that I was holding."

    APPLIES TO: Online and Land-based Venues

    USAGE: Describes a card or group of cards.

  4. Adjective

    That is particularly tight or passive; in which there is very little betting, raising, or reraising; as opposed to live.

    EXAMPLE: "Lets call it a night. The game is dead."

    APPLIES TO: Online and Land-based Venues

    USAGE: Describes a game.

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