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Friday, May 17, 2024
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Bet Odds

  1. Noun

    The ratio of a possible bet or raise compared to the total amount that would be contributed to the pot as a response to that wager.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This is related to implied odds but slightly different. Implied odds account for existing pot odds and the expectations for all remaining wagering for the duration of the hand, while bet odds do not consider the amount currently in the pot and are applied only to one specific bet or raise rather than all future bets and raises. Example: Players A and B are tight and are likely to fold to a large raise on this particular hand but are expected to call if the bet is under $6. Players C, D and E are calling a lot this hand. Expecting Players A and B to fold to any bet over $6, and Players C, D, and E to call regardless of the bet size, Player F would have bet odds of 1:4 on a raise over $6 and bet odds of 1:6 on a raise of $6 or less.

    EXAMPLE: "I tend to calculate implied odds and not even consider bet odds. In some situations it may be helpful, but I don?t see much of a reason to overthink a particular bet when it distracts me from thinking about the overall hand.

    APPLIES TO: Online and Land-based Venues

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