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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Card Protector

  1. Noun

    A small object placed on top of a player's hand for the purpose of preventing it from being mucked or fouled.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Typically, if another player's cards accidentally touch your cards, then your hand is declared dead. This declaration may not apply if it is clear which cards belong to which player, and the protection of one's cards with an object on top of them makes this determination easier. While the origin of the card protector seems to stem from this rule, the device has expanded into a unique way to express one's personality at the table. Players use a variety of fun, decorative, or personally significant items as card protectors.

    EXAMPLE: "I forgot to bring my lucky card protector to the casino, and ended up taking a lot of bad beats. Lady luck is fickle."

    APPLIES TO: Land-based Venues

    RELATED TERMS: Foul, Muck, Protect

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