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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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  1. Verb

    In an online poker room with the choice to pre-select one's action, to indicate that one wishes to check if possible and fold if it is not possible to check; to indicate one wishes to pass.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Rather than requiring each player to wait until it is their turn before indictating their action, many online poker rooms permit players to mark the selection in advance. This is not acting out of turn as the action is not declared until the appropriate time. This feature is commonly used by those who play at multiple tables simultaneously. By using pre-selected actions, the player may pay attention to other tables and divide their attention between tables at a time of their choosing rather than only at the specific time of their turn. Check-Fold is one common choice of these selections.

    EXAMPLE: "I was check-folding at one table and was happy to find out when I looked at the table again that it was checked around. I had bottom pair and ended up making two pair with the free card."

    APPLIES TO: Online Venues

    SYNONYMS: Pass

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