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Monday, May 20, 2019
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Ryan McLane

Ryan McLane was a poker reporter for Casino City. Although he has a strong background in reporting, the same can't be said for his poker skills. He has never won a major tournament nor is he a professional player. Currently, Ryan lives in Boston and occasionally makes international treks to cover tournament poker and news.

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Top-10 Las Vegas collectibles

10.) Tournament entry slips

Whether it be the World Series of Poker or the nightly 2 a.m. Binion's tournament, poker is becoming the king of Las Vegas with tournaments dominating the scene. If you're a poker player and you like to play the freeze outs, consider keeping your tournament tags and maybe even framing them if you win the big money.

9.) Night club bracelets

Las Vegas is great for gambling, but the nightlife is also second to none. The Palms, the Rio, the Bellagio and Mandalay Bay all play host to amazing nightlife worthy of continued patronage and remembered moments. To help aid the old memory, keep your nightclub bracelets and try to collect them all. Just remember, if you're not supposed to have visited the nightclubs, this is not the collectable for you.

8.) Key chains

The classic vacation keepsake plays well in Las Vegas as well. Key chains are available at every keepsake peddler on the strip with multiple varieties of key chains available at each of the major casinos. Feel bad about leaving your kids behind as you party with you friends at the nightclub? Buy them a key chain and hope they accept your bribe.

7.) Fake purses

The girlfriend grabbed a cheap knockoff in Las Vegas and she still talks about it to this day. Seriously, if you're a guy, you might not understand why the fake purse obsession is so strong, but, if you consider the price of the real thing, be happy you're buying a fake.

6.) Show tickets

Las Vegas show tickets make a great keepsake, especially when you combine them with a picture to prove you were there. I thoroughly enjoyed the Knight of the Round Tables Show at the Excalibur, even though the girlfriend was not thrilled about my flirting with the wenches. But you can get your wench loving self forgiven if you take a picture of you and your girlfriend at your favorite show and frame it with the tickets. They'll think it's a memorable moment and you'll remember what it was like to get served by beautiful ladies who expect you to eat with your hands.

5.) Hotel room soap/shampoo

Who doesn't enjoy stealing little soaps and shampoo bottles? With millions of patron shuttling through Las Vegas each year, all of the casinos know the value of the little things, especially when a small bottle of shampoo represents the only bit of profit a player will take away from the city of sin. Feel like Las Vegas has robbed you of too much cash? Take them for a ride by grabbing every little complimentary toiletry and feel a little better about your unprofitable vacation.

4.) Casino playing cards

True casino playing cards have a hole punched in them to make sure the cheaters out there don't reintroduce decks into the table games. They are available at nearly every casino gift shop. Buy a deck and bring them back to your house so you can show your friends and family exactly how the massive suck out or the nasty dealer's 21 felted you.

3.) Pictures

Warning! If you're one of those what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas types, you might want to keep your camera at home. But if Las Vegas is your favorite vacation spot, make sure you bring your digital to record all the amazing memories your sure to create. There's more to Las Vegas than gambling, so be sure to take a picture from the top of the Stratosphere or one of the Hoover Dam, but if you do happen to win a big jackpot, that's not a bad keepsake picture either. Just make sure you erase those less than flattering pictures. Look no further than the documented Las Vegas trips of some of America's infamous celebrities if you don't want to take my word for it.

2.) Stories

Again, some people's Las Vegas stories can get a bit graphic, but tales of dancing on top of the Palms' towers or challenging your buddies to an all-you-can-eat-buffet eating contest are some of the best you'll ever tell. Vin Narayanan, our fearless managing editor, once played blackjack for free with a friend while being wooed for employment by a business bigwig and me and the girlfriend finished first and second in her first live poker tournament – both stories worth telling for life's duration.

1.) Gambling chip

The currency of Las Vegas is also the king of collectables. Although you will want to place that last chip on the table to make one last run at the big money, it might be better to simply put it in your pocket. Every casino has a different chip, meaning your travels around Las Vegas will yield you a new collectable at every destination. Try and collect them all, and while you're at it, try and collect a whole bunch more.

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