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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Americas Cardroom launches overview of playing poker legally in the US

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Americas Cardroom announced today that it has published an in-depth article about playing online poker in the U.S. legally, safely, and securely. The overarching article is expected to appeal to all types of players, from beginners trying to understand the basics of playing legally online to pros vying to make sense of ever-evolving laws.

The article, which is titled "How to Play Online Poker in the US Legally, Safely, and Securely" is also expected to be a huge asset to webmasters, who want to provide their visitors with the type of sought-after content that's currently in short supply.

"If you've spent any time searching for info about playing online poker legally in the US, you've likely encountered more than your share of clickbait. The sad fact is most of the articles on the web about playing poker legally will leave you with more questions than answers," stated Michael Harris, spokesperson for Americas Cardroom.

"No player should be forced to read articles that are out of date, false, or otherwise incoherent. That's why we published a best-in class-article that covers everything from the evolution of legal online poker in the US to financial implications and tax obligations."

"How to Play Online Poker in the US Legally, Safely, and Securely" begins by taking a global view before focusing on America's unique situation. After exploring the history of online poker in the USA, the article acquaints the reader with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which is the chief piece of federal legislation that governs online gaming. Despite the complexity of the UIGEA, readers will not require any legal training to quickly understand how the act pertains to them.

The Americas Cardroom article continues by exploring financial issues, safety concerns, poker's distinct status, emerging technologies like cryptocurrencies, and tax considerations. The article concludes with a handy FAQ that will quickly answer players law-related poker questions in seconds.

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